We had another change at home that Tanya was not too particularly thrilled about, but her heart told her she needed to do this. She traded in her Trail Blazer for a Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. As Tanya reminded everyone who would listen, it was definitely not a move made for style points. No, some of Tanya’s Irving relatives were getting older and their getting into and out of the Trail Blazer was becoming more difficult.

I marvel at my wife’s selflessness and her decision-making. She always, always, always put others first. Tanya embodied the servant spirit, and I love saying that over and over about my wife. She truly made this trade to help her relatives. Oh, how she complained, though. “I am NOT a soccer mom!” she would exclaim, a comment given to the perception of those who most drive such vehicles.

Tanya even had a small step stool that the relatives could use for ease stepping up into and then out of the van, kind of like what you see with the Super Shuttle vans around town. She used that van to take relatives to doctor appointments, shopping, out to meals, you name it. She even adopted the name of the Senior Shuttle to describe the vehicle.

It was obvious that she would own that van as long as she needed, which meant as long as there were relatives to shepherd around town. Tanya never did any of her good deeds to make anyone else feel guilty, but man were there so many times I felt guilty knowing I was not carrying my share of the load as she always did.

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