Tanya Baugus Memorial Scholarship

Your purchase of this book supports the Tanya Baugus Memorial Scholarship Fund at her employer Coaches Outreach. The Scholarship was the idea of Coaches Outreach founder Tommy Maxwell to honor the legacy and memory of Tanya while at the same time using donations to the scholarship to enable coaching couples to better afford to attend one of the Coaches Outreach summer marriage retreats. As the event coordinator, Tanya was present at every marriage retreat and welcomed all couples whether she knew them or not with open arms and a loving heart for the weekend they were about to enjoy. Tanya loved these special weekends in the summer to see couples grow closer together in their marriage and in their spiritual walk.

To send any comments about this book to the author and Tanya’s husband, R.V., please email him at rv.baugus@verizon.net. To order the book for yourself or family and friends, click here. For more information about Coaches Outreach, visit www.coachesoutreach.org.

Thank you for remembering Tanya and giving her great joy in heaven by knowing that your purchase goes to one of her greatest passions in the Coaches Outreach marriage retreats.

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